Attention CRSPSift Users

On August 7, 2014, Sift version 4.2 will expire.

New versions of Sift Professional and Enterprise are now available to all CRSP subscribers for downloading and can be found on our MOVEit site, in the Utilities_Download folder.


New Adoptions of CRSP’s Research-Quality Data

CRSP welcomes several new institutions to its growing list of 450+ schools located in 35 countries, which rely on CRSP data for scholarly research and classroom instruction.

Learn more about CRSP data subscriptions here.


Upcoming Events

August 27-30 | Lugano, Switzerland
CRSP to meet with scholarly researchers at the European Finance Association (EFA) 2014 Meeting

September 17-19 | Chicago, IL
CRSP to meet with finance professionals at the Morningstar ETF Conference


CRSP In Action

Stocks for the Very Long Run

As of 2014, CRSP has curated 88 years of stock price and return information for US equities beginning with 1926. Our coverage includes 15 business cycles based on the NBER Business Cycle Dating Committee.

CRSP Helps CNBC Visualize the Historical Dow 30

This visualization tracks the companies that, over the past 87 years, have entered and left the iconic index as their fortunes rose and fell.

While the Dow Jones industrial average tracks the stock prices of its 30 elite members, this visualization illustrates the total value of each company, as measured by monthly average market capitalization.


Morningstar ETF Conference

CRSP Chairman of the Board and Robert R. McCormick Distinguished Service Professor of Finance, Eugene F. Fama will be one of the two keynotes at the Morningstar ETF Conference.